HostGator Web Hosting Review: An all in one Reliable Web Hosting Service (Does it make the cut?)

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Finding the right reliable web hosting can be a bit confusing…

If you don’t pay attention to the details you can easily overpay for a bad web hosting service you don’t need.

The wrong web hosting service can be Unreliable, Slow your website speed, Can cost you lots money and headaches.

That’s why having a good a web hosting service with a solid reputation is important.

There are literally thousands of web hosts providers on the internet for a future webmaster to pick from…

Barely any of them have had the worldwide recognition of Hostgator.

Hostgator began in 2002 and currently, they are among the largest web hosts in the world…

…One of many benefits with HostGator is definitely the selection of web hosting packages that they have for you to select from.

All of them are pretty well priced too.

All of their basic shared hosting plans provide you with virtually unlimited everything…

web hosting hubWhich means…

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Space for storage
  • Unlimited Email addresses and so on.

This means the service is suitable for people who don’t honestly realize exactly what they need within a website hosting provider.

On top of that, there are lots of upgrade choices for you:

for example…

hostgator unlimited hosting…you might want to upgrade for a Virtual private server or even a Dedicated Server when your website grows.

If you like to provide hosting services your self then you can definitely look into their highly affordable reseller plans.

All the technology behind HostGator is fantastic too.

Hostgator hosting offers a 99.9 % uptime guarantee.

hostgator review They are simply in charge of all their own web servers…

so in the event that there is any kind of issues they are taken care of fast.

All of your web data is regularly backed up, therefore…

…you don’t need to worry about a loss of data.

HostGator is affordable web hosting that’s easy to use… 

HostGator runs on the Cpanel, C-panel so this means operating the website hosting is a snap to operate.

All it’s going to take is a few clicks so that you can accomplish just about anything.

Even if perhaps you have not used a website host before anyone should still find it simple to operate.

Fantastic Customer support…

hostgator discount couponOne of many factors as to why HostGator truly shines in the marketplace of…

…web hosting is because of the fantastic customer support that they offer.

When you have a problem there are many ways to get a hold of them…

…telephone as well as live chat being the favorite options.

The live chat is fantastic by the way…

…Where you get the chance to speak with a skilled staff member these people really know the web hosting and work for HostGator compared to being agents.

They are willing to then work with you to ultimately fix your problems.

Easy to get Started with HostGator: 

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Does Hostgator make the cut?…

hostgator 1 cent couponI actually don’t think there’s any type of website hosting company on the…

…market that comes close to this amount of assistance.

As you can tell, Hostgator is definitely a web host which lives up to their reputation.

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This will save your cash off the already inexpensive price associated with your web hosting.

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45 days money back guaranteed

What others have to say about Hostgator…

They actually delivered. I was transferring a development site from my HostGator account to my client’s host – and was having a technical problem (turned out to be a miss step I had taken) at 2am. I logged in on chat – and yep, got my questions answered right away. Fabulous.

Nate Shivar

We have been with HostGator for over 5 years, and they haven’t given us a reason to switch. Their always helpful support and server administrators have saved our site in numerous occasions

Syed Balkhi

We have a family general contracting business that needed a website to show prospective clients what we can offer. By learning Joomla and building a site on HostGator, I was able to update my resume and get a job as a personal assistant for a very interesting entrepreneur.

Debbie Ricard

HostGator provided me with the platform that allowed me to build an engaging and fun website that customers enjoy browsing. Many of my customers also appreciate how fast the website loads with HostGator’s hosting. The HostGator platform transformed my life by allowing me to build a website and consequently an engaging business which nearly paid for my first year university tuition!

Sari Abukhadra

HostGator hosting F.A.Q

 hostgator hosting reviewDifference between web hosting and WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting environment that’s specifically designed to cater to WordPress websites, the cons with this are, it cost more, limitations on the amount of customization and your also limited on using certain plugin and functions that you may want or need.

Web hosting great if you’re just getting started with building a website and are unsure if you want to commit all the way, an evergreen type of hosting. You can always upgrade in time, as your site grows. Its usually the most common and reliable way to go.

Does Hostgator offer unlimited hosting?

Yes, You won’t have to pay any extra, once you purchase your hosting it is unlimited.


Does HostGator work with WordPress? 

Yes, Hostgator will easily integrate with WordPress in just a few clicks.


Do I get any trial period with Hostgator hosting?

Yes, Hostgator customers get 45 days full refund trial period upon signup.


Can I have my own email accounts? And if so, how many email accounts can I create?

Yes, you can have your own email accounts (with your own domain name) with Hostgator. You can create unlimited email accounts.


Does Hostgator provide any free shopping carts?

Yes, you can, You will be able to install osCommerce, CubeCart, ZenCart and Paypal easily through Hostgator.


How long do I need to wait to get my new Hostgator account working?

Right after you purchase your Hosting you will be able to use your account. You will, however, have to wait 24-48 hours for a domain to fully propagate. But you will be able to view your site even though your domain’s name servers haven’t propagated by using URL in this format: http://MydomanName/~username/.